Monday, April 19, 2010

Gonna have to switch to glass mirrors

Here's a picture of the reflection made by the 2' x 4' piece of mirrored acrylic I've been using.

Here's a picture of an ordinary, glass mirror. About 2' square. Yeah. The acrylic isn't really going to work.

So, back to glass. Ikea sells this for $8 on their website, $10 at my local store. It's about 16" x 48". I was planning on using two, which gets very close to 1 square meter. So glass costs are $20/meter square. Which is much cheaper than the acrylic. The downside is only weight, and perhaps breakage. Ikea also has these for $5, which is $1.25/ft2 = about $15/sq meter.

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  1. Look into 3M Solar Mirror film 1100, released in 2010. About $10/sq meter